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Do you know for God was hard to give His Son to sacrifice to death for us?

I'm not gonna prolong this article, for not letting you boring on this page.
Yes! For God was really hard to give His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins on the cross. But God had the power and the strength to do that because He loved us so, so much. By the love for us that was motivated to die for our sins, He taught that the humanity is in danger to go in hell and He does not want to see humanity in hell. The hell has been prepared for Satan and for demons.

God Father was a real Father for Jesus Christ. Even if in heaven is named in the Word of God, when He was conceived by Holy Spirit and born by the virgin Mary, Jesus Christ has became the beautiful Son of God. Not just the fact that God has behave as a Father, but He really is the Father of Jesus Christ and I'm so happy for that. In this way we can see that God has created us as His image, according to His likeness. We see so many fathers, sons and mothers in this world created by God.

I'm pretty sure that you have a son or a daughter. Lets say that this world got sick from disease that has no cure. But your child has that cure in his blood; what ever is: son or daughter. The world to by saved and cured has no need just a drop of his blood, but the whole cantity of his blood from his body, which mean that he or she must die that the world to be saved and cure.

What are you gonna do? How hard would be for you to give your child to die for the world? Would you do it? How much would you suffer to see your son dying to save all the world? From the beginning God suffered for this world so much when this world fell into sin. He suffered so much that He dared to let Jesus Christ to die for our sins. God hates the sin, but He loves the siner, which means that He was ready to let Jesus Christ to die for our sins.

Why we can have and see God as our Father? Well, of course, I'm happy to say that because of Jesus Christ once again. The fact that Jesus Christ has became the Son of God, the One who is part of Trinity, it shows us that He is our truly Father in heaven and even Jesus Christ has discover this in the prayer "Our Father in heaven". In a discussion picture with Nicodemus in the Gospel of John, chapter 3, Jesus discover us that anyone that has been born again, become a real child of God and from the moment that person is born again Holy Spirit will stay forever in his inner side to guide, to protect, to strength that person.

God really loves us, is our Father in heaven, but He hates the sin. Also He keeps His right to remain and to be our Lord, King and the Great Savior. I love God and I want to stay closer to Him. Pray for me, cause I really need prayer.

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Why demons were cast out from heaven of God? A lesson of grace and hope!

I have explained to you in the last three articles how a third part of the angels of God with Lucifer has range against God Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit and what happened with the earth in the moment when Lucifer and demons were fallen on the earth like a stricken lighting (Luke 10:18).

The decision of God about casting them out of His holy heaven is they will be condemned forever in hell. The place of hell has been prepared for Lucifer and for demons. They choose to range against God they knew Him very, very well; they just let themselves deceived by Lucifer that they are just marionettes to worship God and believed other deceiving words. In they was found sin from that moment and that forced God to cast them out from His holy heaven. That sin has cure and redemption for what they've done against Christ.

What exactly is the sin of demons that can't be forgiven? Why God decided to cast them out? They choose to leave God and when they leave God, there is no possibility for they to return and to be redeemed, because they knew God, they discovered God, they were closer to His mighty thrown, near God Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit, they fellowship with God through the beautiful guidance of Holy Spirit. Faith is the key to God and when those angels choose to believe Lucifer, they replace their faith against God to Lucifer that motivated them to range and make war in heaven against God!

The reasom for why they were cast out from heaven of God is this: they will be defeated by Jesus Christ, the Son of God on the earth in human body through His sacrifice on the cross, through His death against the sin originated from Lucifer and through (most important as always) through His resurection, which show us that the fight was against demons, Lucifer, sin and death in spiritual plan on earth. By the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, by His death and by His resurrection their condemnation has been sealed. There is nothing that can be changed.

The whole work of God through Jesus Christ, including His sacrifice, His death for us and His resurrection by the power of Holy Spirit is a unimaginable grace of salvation for humankind from hell and a victory against the sin, against Lucifer and against demons.

By the work of everlasting salvation through Christ, God has taken authority over Satan's enslavement that was defeated by Jesus Christ and any man, woman or child will return to God, that person will be taken from the hands of the devil and redeemed forever in Jesus Christ.

See? God Himself humbled in human body to defeat Satan on this earth and this of God victory has immense effects, not just in physical plan, but also in spiritual plans forever. Satan wanted to be like in the highest place ever and he was cast out from heaven of God to the lowest level ever done through the victory of Christ.

What we should learn from this?
We, as humans, have no power to overcome the devil, but in Christ we can do, because Christ in us has proven that He is bigger and more wise than the devil. As humans we're so vulnerable, but God gave us faith in obedience and authority from our obedience in love of God to defeat devil in Christ Jesus, the Son of God! He chooses us, humans to bring the victory of Christ in our lifes.

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Why we don't care God at all or at least? Why we love the sin?

This article will take you 5 minutes life to read. Is that much?

Not to prolong the topic the reason of this is ignorance. Hosea 4:6 is a very explicit verse in the Bible. Let's take a look:
"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children".

I love fellowship in Christ, so be ready to fellowship with me on the Bible, the Word of God!

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Another important verse in the Bible is from Isaiah 5:13. Let's take a closer look at this verse better:
"Therefore my people have gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge...".

Okay. Seeing all these things, it's obvious that we have to put this question followed from these paragraphs above: why we love the sin? Why we like the sin? God do understands that humankind is corrupted by sin. Also God has brought us the solution: Jesus Christ. In all the Bible you will see how God is trying to bring Israel in His arms of love for not to be loses forever in hell. This is a dangerous. Hell has been prepared for Lucifer and demons. Not for humankind, where is included Israeli people.

We don't care God as person because we don't wanna. Because sin captivates us and the sin is a mockery before God. Also the sin is a force of track away from the presence of God, which means son is a force of track the person to demons. Many of people are not born again and for them there is no problem to stay in sin. When someone is turning back to God, the Holy Spirit renew that person totally and in this renewing Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ brings the love of God, our Father in heaven, peace and joy unmeasurable. When God enlightened someone about His powerful holiness in contrast with sin, that person doesn't like the sin no more. That is the first love in God of that person. What that person must do is to be careful to maintain the love of God with the support of Holy Spirit, or Comforter on the earth sent by Jesus Christ. Devil roars like a lion to kill any person turned back to Christ.

Many people turned back to God they are weak in the love of God. The reason that grow cold their love of God is the lack of awareness. The lack of awareness has brought many people to sin. The sin made their love of God more weak. And now many are struggling to recover what they have done.

The solution.
"Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love. Remember therefore from where you fallen, repent and do the first works, or else I will come to you quickly and remove your lampstand from its place-unless you repent", Revelation 2:4,5.

The solution is God. Remember or don't forget that God saved us through Jesus Christ and this salvation remains available to you and to everyone and that should stimulate you to retake your relationship with God daily following the Bible, the Word of God with prayer and praise to God. Well, this may sound a little bit technical, but trust to give praise and to pray to God daily following the Bible, because God stands in the middle of worship and praise and there is power in renew you back, because God has power to create and to renew. Satan knows that what I said (biblical) and he knows that he can not do nothing about this against you. But stay aware. Satan can still come more against you in different way. Just refuse to go into temptation or to respond to bad challenges. To resist to these you have to stay closer to God daily. There is nothing technical in all these.

Remember where you fallen and retake the first acts of love for God when you were inloved with God. Stay in touch with God and Holy Spirit will guide you. Focus on God than to focus on fear of temptation or evil challenges. God loves you and that should motivate you enough to do it and to stay consequent. Even if you fall again, take courage to fight against sin as Paul says.

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Jesus Christ is an alien, but a Holy One!

Oh, yes! Jesus Christ was a alien. I will show you and that confirmes and sustain one of the subjects of who are realy aliens are.
Pray for me! I need prayers!


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First of all lets read the Gospel of John 8:58 in the Bible, New Testament:
"Most assuredly, I say to you before Abraham was (past tense), I AM (present time)".

Now if we go to Proverbs 8:22-31 in the Old Testament, we discover something more profound. Jesus was with God all the time. In the heaven of God the name of Jesus, who is alive, is the Word of God. And even John comes with a revelation from Holy Spirit in his gospel. Read John 1:1-3 in the New Testament, the Bible:
"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made".

In the Old Testament's books you will find Jesus in many circumstances and some exemples are in the book of Genesis, Daniel, Isaiah and others. In the book of Daniel he saves the lifes of the four people in the hot oven. Jesus done miracles things in the Old Testament. Not only in the New Testament. Jesus Christ was always present in the Israel people.
But now Jesus Christ, the Word and Wisdom of God, comes in human body in a miracle way as the subdued Son of God (John 8:35, 40, 42, 49, 50, 54). And here we can see the wisdom of God keeping the virginity of Mary without touching her but overshadowing her through the power of Holy Spirit and in this moment Jesus Christ is concepted direct in the womb of Mary. Don't forget that God created humankind. The joy that Mary had it in that moment was of such a great joy that came from Holy and Mighty Spirit of God, who is God also.
Now, what I love the most is this (and this is giving me so much joy and I wanna share with you this. In this moment I am almost crying of joy): Luke 1:34, 35 in the New Testament:
"Then Mary said to the angel, " How can this be, since I do not know a man?". And the angel answered and said to her, "The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Highest will overshadow you; therefore, also, that Holy One who is to be born will be called the Son of God".

This is a great revelation from God. Now you can see how events are succeeded from eternity of God to us on earth and back into eternity of God when Jesus after all His marked work on earth goes back at the right side of God, our Father in heaven. And will come back on the skyes with multitude of angel to select those who have the Holy Spirit in them. The ones who have spiritual problems will remain on earth.

Conclusion of all these!

My dear brothers and sisters my conclusion of these is the confirmation of the real aliens in spiritual life, the real realm. Forget all movies photos with all kind of aliens, cause these may get your mind and spirit from Jesus Christ who is alive, the Son of God!

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Jesus Christ is alive!

New Age: we are Gods. The power of mind

Well, the Bible also says in Exodus 7:1, Psalm 82:6 and John 10:34 that. Than which affirmation stays stronger? Of course the New Age conception says we can creat in our minds things and bring them to reality. Exactly the Bible says the same. I believe that you might be confused. So my question is this: where is the difference?


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And my answer is this: whereever there is no God by His Word (the Bible) and there is taken a different teaching, closer to Bible, there is demon influence; there is Satan's teaching in communication with demons. Sadly is the fact that many people who's teaching other these manipulation things, have no idea that this is a demonic constraint of human mind and the purpose of Satan to this conception is to block people's minds from hearing the Gospel of Salvation in Christ, Jesus, our resurrected Savior. That is apostle Paul who says that we have to stay aware and in the prayer, cause we are not fighting against blood and against the flesh. The fight is against the ruler of this world, place where Jesus, our Savior says that the world stays in the evil one, in Satan.

These types of teaching are the same acts of deceiving as it happened in Eden with Adam and Eve when Satan said there: "Of course, you wont die, but you will be like God knowing the good and evil". He used manipulate the truth of God to lie for his evil dramatic purpose against the humankind.

My story
I've seen on Youtube a young man in his room alone having two sticks and saying something to someone invisible: "Charlie, Charlie! Move the sticks!" and the sticks were moved without hands.

Here's what I say. Maybe you find something exciting, but is not at all. But when you see this kind of situation, there spiritual manipulation that will enslave you, that will control your mind. That is a type of contact with demons and once you've done that, he wont take only a finger, but all you body! And you know what? They bring you desease, death, hatress, emptyness, stress, family and work problems.

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Jesus Christ is alive!

Who realy aliens are? The real realm. Are they living among us?

Well, all these two questions give us another questions like "Can we talk to them?" or "How they are look like? Is allowed?"... These are sincere questions and motivated questions.

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Do you know how much money does NASA spending on aliens and technology research? Billions of United States dollars and they wont stop ever.

Actually aliens are demons subdued to Lucifer (the original fallen siner) and angels of God. This is the real realm. So why NASA spends billions of dollars in this type of research? Well, I don't know the answer. As I told you in last great article before adamic creation was the angelic creation without sin and I have exposed to you what realy happened. How the third part of the angels of God fell in sin with Lucifer together.

The real story about aliens
To understand much beter the reality of this spiritual world which has a big and massive influence in the physical world we have to go to Bible for correct guidance. The Bible shows us in Isaiah 14, Revelations 12 and Luke 10:18 what realy exactly happened and how these spiritual events influenced dramatically our physical world.

The story
Lucifer and all angels were created by God before adamic creation (humankind creation) and as God is without sin, they were created without sin. We know two types of angels described in the Bible: heruvims and seraphims. They were shining before God, they loved God and they loved to worship God and every single time they discovered more and more of unmeasurable God in imagination and working in the Universes.

Lucifer was the most greatest angel before all by God and in the day he was created, all the musical instruments in heaven sang for him. He was the lider of all angels in heaven who brought the worship before God and the list goes on. Lucifer was the most wise angel among all others, because he had the Spirit of God in him until the moment he sined against God.

Lucifer and all angels knew all times who God, the Father is, who Jesus is and who Holy Spirit is. Cause every single time they discovered the creativity of God in practice. They wondered every time of God with joy and wouldn't bored, cause they didn't fall in sin yet. That motivated them to worship and praise God God is so beatiful!

Since he was created, Lucifer realised that he is the most shining, powerful, influential, beatiful angel and that became a reason for him to ask God to be like Him, and since he couldn't be like God, become very upset, he started to creat disorder in the heaven of God, by lying all the angels with words that they are only robots and only simple obedients of rules, to put them against God. That cause the sin of selfpride, disorder, lie and disobedience of third part of the angels, that came against God, a dramatic war in heaven started and God cast them out from His holy heaven on the earth, the place were Jesus defeated them in human body by His cross, His death for us and by His resurrection.

Now! In this earth since they were cast out from heaven of God until Jesus will return on the skies with hundred thousands of angels, these aliens will still exist. As I already told you, aliens are the angels of God sent by Him on earth to protect us from evil spirits, also aliens. So aliens are good and evil. Demons and angels.

Hope this article has brought a little bit light to understand or to make a scriptural image about the real aliens.

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Why God is so radical with the sin? A lesson full of hope!

"All God's angrynes and all His violence were melted on Christ on the cross. All radicalism against the sin was put on Christ Jesus, beloved Son of God, our Father in heaven".

I believe that before Satan and demons fall into sin of pride, resistance and deliberated breaking of God forever, there was no need to praise God as Holy, because there was no sin. It is even possible that God to be called Holy. We can not limit how God discovers Himself to angels and to people as we see in the Bible.

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The fallen of devil and of demons had a so much impact on the earth as we see in the Gospel of Luke 10:18 after God cast them out from heaven after a war between angels of God who remained faithful to God and those angels who became demons as we see in the book of Revelations 12: 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9. Also you can relate this with Revelations 8:10 and 9:1.

When Satan and demons were fallen on the earth like the speed of lighting strike, the earth has been damaged so dramatic that God had to restore (remake the earth). Genesis 1:1 shows us that God as created the heavens (you see the plural for heaven in the Bible) and the earth. But the verse two from Genesis 1 shows us that was with no form, void and darkness was on the face on the deep.

See? There is contrast apparently, cause you don't see and not understand what exactly happened between verse 1 and verse 2 in Genesis 1 in the Bible. It happened exactly what Jesus revealed us in Luke 10:18 and Revelations 12: 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9. The earth was in deep damage and demons were hovering in that darkness.

What was the point of these words? The fact that they were cast out with a speed of a lightning strike from the heaven of God in the physical earth, shows us how seriously is God against the sin. Why Satan and demons were cast out from heaven of God and falling on the earth? Even if the humankind has fallen in sin because the devil deceived the humankind, God has chosen the humankind that through Jesus Christ in human body as humble God to defeat Satan and demons on the cross and through His resurrection by the power of Holy Spirit, in this way to bring salvation to humankind. Here we can see how God fights very violent against Satan and demons, defeating them through Christ Jesus, His beloved Son. All violence and agresivity against the sin were transfered from Jesus to demons by His sacrifice on the cross, by His death and by His resurrection. Humankind that had to be served by angels, including Satan and demons if they wouldn't fall into sin.

Looking forward on the earth... God is holy. Technically we can see that in the Bible. But the angels and those people who have the Spirit of God can understand in the spirit, by revelation, by rhema the holiness of God. Take a look in Revelations 4:8. I will let you read thst in Bible. When is about the sin, God becomes very angry and very violent. Of course, God doesn't want the death of the humankind, but the life if her, because God is life as our Lord, Jesus has revealed us and commands to people to repent, by His kindness through Jesus Christ.

Isaiah had a revelation from the Spirit of God (Luke 10:24 and 1 Peter 1:10-12) in his book by chapter 53 where he said that the punishment we should take came upon Christ. Take a closer look. I already told you that God is very angry and violent with the sin. All God's angrynes and all His violence were melted on Christ on the cross. All radicalism against the sin was put on Christ Jesus, beloved Son of God, our Father in heaven. Why God done that? John 3:16. See? Some of you have this verse in their mind with no revelation from God. John had a revelation from God that He loves us, the humankind. And also John had another beautiful and very important revelation: 1 John 4:16 (God is love. God doesn't has love. God is love. Fact that God is love is very opposite with the sin).

Why God loves us? Why He put all His angryness and violence against sin upon Christ, His beloved Son? Why God wanted to save us from sin. See? There is a danger: humankind is in danger to lose eternity with God and to go in hell, that God has brought because humankind has fall into sin. God is giving us a recovery through Christ.

I will put again these questions to you? Why God loves us? Why He put all His angryness and violence against sin upon Christ, His beloved Son? Because God is jealous for us, not against us. Who created us as His image, according to His likeness? He created us to share His love with us. You know what? If the mankind wouldn't fall into sin God would reveal us Jesus Christ, His beloved Son. But because mankind fall into sin, Jesus had to discover us our Father in heaven.

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Jesus is inloved with our Father in heaven

First time when I realise that was when Jesus was twelve years old, going in Jerusalem at the Temple to celebrate the Hebrew Easter. There was a moment when God discovered Himself to His beloved Son as His Father.

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And you know what? That wasn't the only one moment. You know... Any little child needs his father since he gets out of his mother's womb. I believe that the virgin Mary was very carefully with Jesus's life even when the angel of God has announced her that she will born the Son of God Almighty.

I wanna ask you something. How did you think that Jesus was able to defeat Satan when He was on the earth in human body? The answer is this: Jesus Christ, our Almighty bigger brother, developed a great relationship with God, our Father in heaven, since He was a very baby boy, through Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God who is God Almighty!

I just wanna give some Bible references from New Testament, the Gospel of John, chapter 8, verses 38, 42, 48, 54 and 55:

"I speak what I have seen with My Father, and you do what you have seen with your father (Satan)... If God were your Father, you would love Me, for I proceeded forth and came from God; nor have I come of Miself, but He sent Me" ... "Do we not say rightly that You are Samaritan and have a demon?" Jesus answered, "I do not have a demon; but I honor My Father, and you dishonor Me. And I do not seek My own glory; there is One who seeks and judges"... " If I honor Myself, My honor is nothing. It is My Father who honors Me, of whom you say that He is your God. Yet you have not known Him, but I know Him. And if I say "I do not know Him", I shall be a liar like you but I do know Him and keep His word".

Now I think that we should go in the moment when the teen Jesus goes in Jerusalem with his physical parents the Gospel of Luke in chapter 2, verse 49:

"Why is it that you sought Me? Did you not known that I must be about My Father's business?". Some other languages and othet versions say "...My Father's house?".

When disciples turned back from the ministry that Jesus sent them, they were amazed about the power of God. In Jewish translation say that when was thankful to God about that He discovered them the Kindom of heaven, He was rejoyce like a child, jumping with joy.

The most proven fact of relationship of Jesus Christ with His and our Father in heaven, was the moment of sacrifice for our sins. That wasn't at all simple or easy.

Now let me ask you something else? What given Jesus power to obey the Lord, God, our Father in heaven? John had a revelation of God founded in his first epistle, chapter, verse 16: " God is love".

Well, God is love. He does not has love. God is love. Jesus said about Him and the Father this: "I and My Father are One".

John 3:16 says that God loves the humanity that who ever believes in Jesus, shall not perish, but have eternal life.

So, now we can see two important points here: God is love, which involves of Jesus, and He loves us, humanity. God loved us so much that He was desperate to give His beloved Son for us to die for our sins and to be resurrected from death (cause couldn't be found sin in Jesus) that we can find everlasting salvation in Him, because of God, our Father in heaven.

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Elijah, a man who stand for Israel

Elijah was a charismatic man who loved the holiness of God. In deed he realy loved God. He wanted to know more God personal. He was a faithful man of Moses's laws, laws that were given by God for Israel people through Moses.

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He enjoyed to celebrate Passover every year. He enjoyed to be happy for God. If read closer the actions of Elijah, you will see the character o him and his personality.

He was an extrovertit man of God. Has was very courageous. But the way that Israel was worshiped Baal and Astarthea was very dramatic, so real and also in contrast of God holiness.

Elijah wanted Israel to return to God who escaped them from Egipt and given them the land of Canaan. God did so many of Israel and we can see how God established Israel as a nation. He kept His promise for Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Do you know why God kept His promise for Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? Because Jesus said about Him He is living God and of those who kept their faith in Him.

And also God has kept His promise because of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, our complex Savior and Redeemer. In this promise God saw you and me, even everyone else in this world and all generations on this earth, from the past until Jesus will come back on thy sky with crowds of angels.

Israel was in dangerous to lose God and to be enslaved by other nations near them, because Israel has come to higher level to worship Baal and Astarthea.

What that means? By learning the rituals of worshiping Baal and Astarthea they actually killed babies, teens, men and women on those altars, they let their minds influenced by demons, they got involve seriously in sorcery and reading astrology. This reason brought Elijah standing in suffering prayer for along time and to bring this nation back to God, Elohim had a strange plan for that. In this time Elijah has become more stronger and more confident in his relationship with God. God had become Elijah's Comforter.

Without any explination Elijah said courageously to multitudes of Israel that will be no rain for 3 years and a half, because of this dramatic coruption in Israel. In a way or other I think that Elijah wss known as the prophet of God in Israel. At the end of this time Elijah challenge the 450 prophets of Baal and 400 of Astarthea in the midst of Israel to prove this nation that these prophets are worshiping a real god.

Elijah let them choose first a bull for sacrifice to call their god and who's god respond through fire, that should be the real god. They cut them self, leaped and scream in a crazy demonic way that their God to appear from the morning to evening. There was no one god to answer to them. What happened exactly? God, the Lord has block in spiritual heaven any demonic activity of Baal influence and put down any demonic power to demonstrate.

Elijah prepared and altar with 12 stones that surounded the trench with the bull insede and tripled the water in that trench, by the evening prayed to the Lord to answer through fire on that bull. You know what happened? Yes. God answered through fire on that tripled water trench with the bull in it.

What Israel done in that moment? They were astonished by this great miracle. Elijah said to Israel to kill all prophets of Baal. None of the escape and they were slaughtered in pieces with the swords and spears. A loto blood was sheeded on the earth. The curse was taken from Israel.

That was the moment when nation of Israel has repented of this great sin of worshiping Baal and kill people for Baal. In the same day of God's victory (because Elijah stand in long times prayers for Israel) He brought the rain in land of Israel. That is the moment of grace of God because Israel has repented.

You know what Jesus said when started the mission: "Repent, for God's kindom is near!". When you and me got repented, God is pouring out His grace through Jesus Christ.

Holy Spirit, the guidance in our lifes. How and why is important?

How many times have you ask your selfs the importance of guidance of the Holy Spirit?
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From the Old Testament until our days the  Holy Spirit has not stoped to guide those who have hearts for God.

To understand that we've to understand the person of God starting from the fall of mankind. When God created the heavens and the earth He actually renew all things, because a third part of preadamic creation has corrupted her self from Lucifer to those angels that became demons. In the Gospel of Luke, chapter 10 we found a revelation from Jesus Him self: devil has been cast out from heaven (Revelation, chapter 12) and dropped on the earth like lighting strike that affected the earth.
This is the moment when God recreate the earth because it was realy affected. Everything became like new on the earth and God created a man and a woman for the him. They were perfect and uncorrupted by devil, until the moment when they fall in sin and Adam and Eve have lost connection with God. They felt they lost the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Even humanity has fallen in sin, God remain faithfull in keeping His guidance for people. The first moment when God showed His guidance is when He sacrificed a animal and brought clothes to Adam and Eve, cause they felt ashamed unclothed.

Another time was with Jacob, the son of Isaac. Another period was with Israel from Egipt until the promise land and they enter it and took it. Another period was with Elijah with the miracles from God. Another period we find it with Samuel, Jeremiah, Isaiah. The most beautiful period that I love was with Jesus. That was the perfect guindance on the earth ever in this world.

The guidance of Holy Spirit is personal and by the group. Jesus said once: "I have to leave to let the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, to come to you and He will guide you in all the Truth. He will not speak from Him, but everything what He hears".

Look at the work of disciples of Jesus and at the work of apostle Paul. Thats a great confirmation!

Why is important the quidance of the Holy Spirit?
Is important because the target is salvation from hell of humankind through Jesus Christ that He died for our sins and He raised from death that we can have a base of faith in God and develope our relationship with God! Is so important! The place of hell has been prepared for Lucifer and his demons, not for the humankind. If personal someone continue to reject salvation of God, that person became insensitive person to God until he became likea stone in his heart and is in real danger to lose everlasting life with God, our Father in heaven.

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John 8:44, New Testament - a great revelation of hope! READ IT!

Maybe you had read this vers many times or maybe once or twice... Well. I don't know much time you had read this vers. Maybe you had never read it.

But let take a look at this vers from Bible, New Testament, John 8, vers 44:
"You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it".

To analyze this verse we have to cut it down in pieces. Let do it!

"... (1) He is a murderer from the beginning, (2) and does not stand in the truth (why devil does not stand in the truth?) because there is no truth in him. (3) When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it (why is the father of lie?)."

(1) Devil is the murderer from the beginning. Now lets take a deep and profound look at this point. Jesus has accused the devil that he is the murderer from the beginning. What this means? What is the beginning? When God created Adam and Eve in the beginning of created world in Genesis, chapter 1, God has acknowledge them not to eat from the fruit if good and bad knowledge.

Here is what. When devil succeeded to deceive Adam and Eve eating the fruit which it was prohibited, Satan killed them spiritually. They lose the connection with God. Satan is guilty by these murders. And not just two these murders, but for all human kind and every thing that he had corrupted and destroyed it.

(2) Satan does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. What that means? Very shortly is about when Satan decided to leave God forever in heaven and Spirit of God left him forever because it was founded sin in devil and deceived a third part of the angels of God, which now they are demons. When God left him there was no truth in him. Jesus said that He is the truth and the truth will release us from sin and the slavery of sin which could be spiritual and mental. That means that devil tried to fight against Jesus, who is the Truth.

(3) Now at this point we can simply understand that devil is a liar. If he can not stand in the truth, in Jesus Christ, what is the opposite of truth? The lie! When I cut the verse in three points I put a question: why is the father of the lie?

Well, I told you that devil has no longer the Spirit of God in him anymore. When he was too proudly of him, he wanted to be God and to look like God. Because does not allowed this and God warned him about a possible sin, he became very angry and start to tell to others angels things that were opposite to God and those opposite things weren't confirmed. Those opposite words brought to angels by Satan were lies. Here's why Jesus called him a liar and the father of the lie.

Now you may ask me this is it?

Well where is the hope in all these?
1. Jesus has revelate us that Satan is murderer, guilty and the father of the lie.
2. Through Jesus Christ the spirit of any human being can be resurrected. You may ask how and/or why you said that? It's simple: by the death of Jesus Christ on the cross and by His resurrection of Jesus by the power of Holy Spirit of God. The ministry of Jesus in three years was confirmed by His sacrifice and by His resurrection. If you believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins and is the Son of God, you are saved. Read epistle of Roman, chapter 10, verses 9 and 10.

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How do we see God, our Father in heaven?

Matter fact of living is often important our image about God and that is influenced from our parents, our fathers and mothers. And this is how we create in our minds the image of God as our Father in heaven.

Is important to remind for ourself how our  parents impacted our minds, our thinking since we were children. For some there parents were great parents. For others some of the parents was a gambling parent, or maybe drunkend, or maybe was violent...

I don't know. You know much beter.

The real image about God will be found in the Bible, in the Scripture. Jesus said to Philip that who saw Jesus, saw the Father in heaven. Also, Jesus Christ, in the prayer  "Our Father", shows us how we have to pray. Look how He starts: " Our Father in heaven... ". Yes! That means Jesus shows us that His Father in heaven is our Father in heaven also. Wooow! Thats great!

Also, in this prayer above, Jesus learn us to pray straight to our Father in heaven in Jesus's name.

The Bible shows us beter how is our Father in heaven. First of all Father in heaven loves us as we see in Gospel of John, chapter 3, verse 16, New Testament, Bible. Also his first epistle John reveals us that God is love. In his relationship with Jesus, who done so many miracles and spoke so many great words from God, John was able to underwent by the guidance of Holy Spirit that God is love. You will find this revelation in First Epistle of John, chapter 4:16, New Testament, the Bible.

Wait a minute! I will show you something: how can Jewish people, Israel, can understand that God is also their Father too when God was silent for 400 years until Jesus was borned? There was no prophet from God for 400 years.

I have another question: why some Jewish people were able to accept that God is their Father in heaven too? The answer is this: depends on every human being's heart.

Do you know that for God, our Father in heaven was hard to give His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, to die for us, all people? Yes.  It was hard. But He did. Because God loves us. God, our Father in heaven, hates the sin, but He don't want the death of the siner. For this reason God gave His beloved Son for us.

Our Father in heaven is the Lord also. Father in heaven cares about us. He learn us how to obey Him in love, not by force or fear. You can not ask a baby child by one year old to make clean in the house. You can not obligate a teenager to support whole responsibility for the house when that belongs to parents.

You have to learn and discipline your baby childs and your teenagers according to their mental ant physical power to do and in the power of their understanding. This how God, our Father in heaven, is acting with His spiritual children, sons and daughters.

The epistle of Hebrew written by apostle Paul, chapter 12 shows us that our Father in heaven also punish His beloved children for discipline in love. Our Father in heaven does not love and does not like to punish His beloved children, but He is doing this to make them right. Also the Bible shows us that when God hurts someone, He heals that person, that human being, to comfort her and to give strength.

Our Father in heaven always will glorify Jesus in us through daily relationship with Him and with the guidance of Holly Spirit. Will always show His love, confort and strength to make us stronger through Jesus Christ, His Son, by the guidance of Holly Spirit, the Conforter sent for us by God, our Father in heaven.

God, our Father in heaven is beatiful.

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God is more beautiful than the sin

God is more beautiful than the sin. His holyness is beautiful and awesome than the sin. I love His holyness and I like it more than the sin.

He is so beautiful to me. His beautifulness and His personality accomplish my heart. Paul says to christians of his time that they haven't got the fight against sin as God did. We have to love God more than sin. 

We have to be inlove with God day by day; practicaly! God is so beautiful! God is so awesome! God is so kind to me. My God is my Father! He gave me joy to be joyful for Him.

You know angels sing every day to God "Holy! Holy! Holy!"? Because they see the most beautifulness of our might and awesome God, who is our loving Father in heavens. 

When Jesus learned us to pray "Our Father who is in heaven"? Because Jesus wants to revelate us that God is even our Father and Jesus is the bigest our Brother! Isn't that wonderful?

Why Jesus Christ died for our sins? Because every one of us has real value in the eyes of God! Do you know why? Because every one of us is created and made in the image of our beautiful God, according to His awesome likeness. 

You and me have unestimable value and unfortunatly we don't know or we ignore that. Check that in 1 Peter 3:1-4. We are like God and we have value. Do not listen no more the voice of demons. Their voices are distructive and frustrating!

Stay closer to our beautiful God and trust Him, because is our Father in heaven.
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Demons's reaction to the love of God

Why you need to know that? Is this useful? If this is useful, how is useful?

First of all we have to understand that God is love as John had the revelation wroted in his first book addressed to believers in Jesus Christ, where you can find it in New Testament (1 John 4:16).

And the Gospel of John comes to help us to understand much how exactly, practicaly God acts in His love (John 3:16).

Why demons can not rezist in the presence of the Lord Jesus?
Here we have go back at the moment before the Earth and heavens were created by God. In the book of Revelation, chapter 12 we fond there was a war in heaven. Satan was pull out the third part of the angels of God from heaven of the Old Holy One.

In Isayah 14 you will find there how beautiful was Satan as angel (ex-Lucifer). He was the greatest angel ever. He was the lider of all angels in praising and worshiping the our God. He became proud of him and deceveid the third part of the angels and he turned these angels against God, provoking a big war in heaven.

What happened in fact? They rejected Christ in heaven together with Satan. They choose to do that. They knew what they were doing.
Defenetly God has aknowledge them before their choose about the aweful effects.

What happened when Satan and third part of the angels leaved God forever with no posibility of ever return?

Well, you may say that this is a good question... To find out we have to go back to see how they were. First of all they had the Spirit of God inside them, in each one of them. They could be happy, rejoyce in the God Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. They were inlove with God. Those angels were humble, kind and beautiful. They were shining before God. They were able to support, to handle the presence of God.

From the moment they leave God with no posibility of return and recovery, when they were cast out from heaven by Satan, Holy Spirit leaved them back. From this time in the next seconds they were no more able to love God, the glory of God dissappeared from upon them.

They become ugly, scareful, full of hatress, very violent and empty of God. I want you to understand that this is the way when they leave God. Because there is no Holy Spirit in them, thats the ireversable transformation of those angel. 

Why their situation is ireversable? Their sin stands before them. God didn't not leaved them because they were deceived, but because they leaved God. They knew God, they could embrace God and they took anyting from God. They saw God face to face and they experience to power and the love of God.

I remember a situation when Jesus released a person from demons, they were reacting very strange. Abide the way! Demons have to mercy because they have no Holy Spirit.
Demons reacton was so scareful before the people when they were in the presence of Jesus. They possesed that person. They knew that Jesus will release that person from them, from demons.

You know what is remarcable? That Jesus was not afraid of demons and He only use the word of His mouth to release that person.

If you go in the Old Testament, God said to Israel that He will give the seven gnostic nations from the land of Canaan in their hands. By the guidance of God Israel was able to defeat those nations.

When Jesus died for our sins on the crouce, He took our sins on Him (don't ask me how, cause I don't know. It was a spiritual work of God) and by this way Jesus became our Rightesnous, the Lawyer and our Defender that stands today before God the beautiful Father for us.

When Jesus died for our sins, in fact He defeated Satan and demons because he first deceived people to sin against God!

Untill next time to be continued!

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Pray for Israel! Why?

Why am I telling you this? The enemy of God and of us, people, Satan wants to destroy the people of Israel and the land of Israel.

When Angel of God fought Jacob, he didn't leaved the Angel until he was blessed by God! The name of Jacob IT has been change in Israel which mean the one who fights God. Here is a secret, a revelation! God has the bigest plan in the world and in the Universe with Israel, the people of God! Satan, somehow, knows that.

If you remember the World War 2 when more the 3 millions of jewish people were burned in fire by the Natzi regim and by Hitler. There was a very powerful demonic  influence in the Natzi regim, but unfortunatly there is not time for explination now.

That wasn't a single moment, which I considered the warst ever until now againt jewish people in all history. What happened with jewish people in the Natzi regim confirmes what Naaman tried to do against jewish people in time of Esther and Ahashverosh.

We have to pray for Israel and to keep this  jewish people in our prayers all says and nights. Bible says that who ever blesses Israel will be blessed. Who ever curse Israel will be cursed. You will find these words  in Old Testament, Numbers 24:9. The big plan of God with Israel you will find it in Numbers, chapters 22, 23 and 24. Satan tries to destroy Israel, the last Hope for him, to ensure that God wont be able to bring His plan completely with Israel in eternity with Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Why am I saying that Israel is the last hope for Satan to destroy this jewish people? Satan couldn't defeat Jesus, even  that was a phisical apearance of defeating Jesus. Satan couldn't see the spiritual side of victory of God through Jesus Christ, the Son of God, because he has no more Spirit of God in him. Even If he wants to destroy Israel, Satan wont be able to finish this evil plan.

Pray for Israel! Just pray for the peace of Israel!

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How God works with faithfull people?

Before we go to the subject, we have to understand who God is. God is faithfull and He is able to keep His Word, because He can not be corupted. We, people, sometimes or often we broke the promisesem and pur kids, family, roomates, friends felt deceived. Take a look in the Scripture, in whole the Biblie and you will the greatest and loving work of God as our Father, Friend, Guidance, Supporter and Conforter.

You know, Abraham was a faithfull man, no matter how hard was for him to obey God. The hardest thing for Abraham to do was to sacrifice his beloved son, Isaac.
Do you know why Abraham was able to do that? The answer is this: Abraham thought that God can rase his son from death. That mean Abraham knew God since his youthness very well that He could trust in God no matter what because He knew that God is Redeemer, not a destroyer.

About Jacob things are different, but what I love about him is that he wanted the blessings and the things of God. Take a closer look in the Bible. Jacob had a heart for God since he was a baby. The fact that cheated his biger brother taking the blessing of his firet borned brother, Jacob believed the blessing of his father, Isaac, will all his power of his heart, from the bottom of his soul. When God prophesized about Jacob that he will be biger than his brother, Esau, is not what God intended, it was about Jacob's heart for the rightesnous of God and His blessings.

Elijah wasn't pleased just with the rituals of God for Israel that the jewish people had to follow. He wanted to speak to God and God to meet him. It happened.
If you see the miracles that God made through Elijah is because was a stronger connection of relationship between him and God. The reason for why Elijah was sicking God is that Israel people had felt down into a demonic worshiping and sacrifices to Baal. In that moments Israel needed desperatly to meet with the power of God to destroy the work of Satan against Israel. Elijah was suffering for Israel and served Israel.
The days of Elijah will come Back in the end of times.

From Abraham we can learn that He knew God as a Redeemer, Lord of all creation, as the great Conforter, a real powerful guide in a battle.

From Jacob we can learn that He desired God as the One in his life. Read again the life of Jacob in the Bible. Even of his fears he had courage to get the blessings from God. The zero moment of Jacob wasn't the great peace between him and his brother, Esau, but the fight with the Angel of God, where Jacob didn't leaved until he got the blessing that marked his life forever and for Israel, as people of God in eternity. God has a big plan for Israel. Look at the blessing of the Angel of God for Jacob.

Elijah was a courage man, despite the fear that he had from Isabel that menaced him for the masacre against the prests of Baal when God showed Himself to Israel as the real God. He stood straight against the power of people who worshiped Baal because Elijah had God as a Conforter and as the One wins the wars, not just the battles.

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Do you know for God was hard to give His Son to sacrifice to death for us?

I'm not gonna prolong this article, for not letting you boring on this page. Yes! For God was really hard to give His beloved Son, J...